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WineLog Wordpress Plugin

If you have a site running on Wordpress, you can install our plugin to integrate with WineLog.


Currently you can:

  1. Add a "wine badge" for a particular wine to your posts and pages.
    (Use a short code like [winebadge id="54195"])
  2. Add a "wine list" for a tag or search string to your posts and pages.
    (Use a short code like [winelist query="myevent" num="10"])

In the future you will be able to:

  1. Add a widget to your sidebar showing your most recently logged wines.
    (You can use our "widget code" to do this now: WineLog Widgets.)
  2. Search wines right from the edit post/page screen to embed into your content.
  3. Create automated digest emails from your wine log feed once every day/week/etc.


Install through the plugin directory in your Wordpress admin or download now from the Wordpress plugin directory.


An embedded wine badge.
An embedded wine badge.
An embedded wine list.
An embedded wine list.
The settings page.
The settings page.


To chime in, ask for tech support, or otherwise get a hold of us, comment on our blog post on the plugin. Thanks.

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