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Twisted Oak Calaveras County Viognier 2005

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Credit: Twisted Oak.

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    "This is seriously good Viognier, a textbook example of the aromas and flavors characteristic of the varietal: honeysuckle, jasmine, and orange blossom flowers; zippy citrus including lemon and an intriguing note of mandarin orange. The wine was also very well-balanced, with a slightly sweet impression when you first sipped it, and then refreshing acidity in the flavors. Excellent QPR." - Dr. Debs on Good Wine Under $20
    "A lingering moment on the palate yields a near-perfect blend of sweetness and acidity that I find most refreshing. With a balanced astringency and a super-silky, almost chewy mouthfeel, plus a taste of allspice and white raisins, this wine breathes, tastes, and feels like a wine that my friends (and yours) will find memorable, whether on a Summer day or a Fall evening. As for the finish, I say "hello" to only an acquaintance of acidity and tannin." - winehiker on Winehiker Witiculture
    "For a white, this seems to me delightfully well bodied. This is the first time I've had Viognier, and I really enjoy the complexity of flavors. A new tinge of fruit every second, ending in a bitter and nicely spicy, warm honey taste. One of a few whites I would buy again." - zacharybleu on WineQ
    "Just sip one glass and you'll hear a tale. A tale of a tasteful trip. That started with this Viognier, aboard this winery ship. The mate was a mighty winemaker, the assistant brave and sure. The Twisted Few set sail that day for a winemaking tour, a winemaking tour. The weather started getting rough, the vineyard almost lost. If not for the courage of the cellar crew the flavors would be lost, the flavors would be lost. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah something something something isle, with coconuts, papayas too. Taste butterscotch, apricots. A touch of oak, the finish and Mary Ann, in this Twisted Oak Wine." - Back Label
    Viognier is just like Chardonnay, only better! - to learn more, scroll down to our Geek Sheet.
    Geek Sheet Data for 2005 Calaveras County Viognier
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    Tasting Notes
    "It's like going into a department store, and before your can say ‘Stop!' some perky thing in a floral print blasts you with the latest from Yves St. Ralph!" Not this Viognier! Sure, you will detect a hint of jasmine, but peach and grapefruit take center stage upstairs in the Aroma Dept. Meanwhile, in the Flavor Dept. (1st floor, just past Lingerie), you'll taste those peaches and grapefruits along with a touch of clove spice. Perfect for your holiday, or everyday, shopping experience!
    Production Notes
    Traditionally the Foothills are considered a warm-climate region. However the 2005 vintage was a bit uncharacteristic. It started out with an early bloom but then cooler weather and rains returned, dramatically slowing down berry development and reducing yields. As the summer progressed, we had an intense heat wave in early to mid-July. But as July waned, the weather cooled back down again to very uncharacteristically low temps. High 70's to mid 80's in the foothills is almost unheard of. This tricked the vines, which were just then going through veraison (the technical term for the onset of berry ripening), into thinking they were in a cooler climate. The result is a completely different set of aromas and flavors taking center stage from the previous vintage. The grapes actually had more flavors of grapefruit and peaches than the more common " warm-climate" characters of jasmine and apricot.
    Upon reaching the winery, the fruit was gently crushed. The aromatics of Viognier are housed in the skin and pulp so the fruit was pumped to the press where it soaked on the skins in order to gain some complexity. After a few hours, the fruit was pressed to remove the clear juice from the skins and seeds. After pressing, the wine was inoculated with a Rhône yeast strain and the yeast monitored throughout fermentation to ensure optimal yeast viability. After 14 days and near the end of primary fermentation, we began stirring the lees (sediment and expired yeast cells) every other week to enhance mouthfeel. It then aged a few more months in neutral French oak before being bottled.

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