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PengWine Humboldt Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2003

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Credit: PengWine.

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    The five varieties that go into this wine were carefully chosen for the individual characteristics that each could contribute to the final blend. The base, Cabernet Sauvignon, was chosen for its big body,and overall great flavor, the Merlot for its silkiness. The Cabernet Franc was added for its lighter tannins and earlier maturity. Malbec adds earthiness and deep color. Petit Verdot brings structure to the blend. The final product was designed to be enjoyed now and will improve for the next five years.
    Vintage Summary
    The weather was generous with us in 2003 during the whole growing season. In January we green harvested to reduce yields and help the vines concentrate on just two bunches. The harvest began in late March for the earlier ripening Merlot and ended with the last to ripen Cabernet Sauvignon. All harvesting was done by hand and only whole, ripe bunches were selected.
    Each of the five free flow juices were placed in individual steel tanks with the skins and fermented at an average temperature of 29ºC. Fermentation averaged three weeks among all varieties, a bit longer than usual due to the high sugar levels achieved during the warm growing season. Eighty-five percent of all the musts were aged in small oak barrels (75% French, 25% American, both medium toast) for 9 to 12 months (longer for the Cabernet and less for the other varieties). Fifty percent of the barrels were new, first use and 50% were second use.
    Tasting Notes
    This outstanding wine has a beautiful purple appearance with ruby edges that show some evolution. Each bottle has wonderful layers of aromas including baked apples, toasted hazelnuts, cherries and subtle violets. On the palate the wine exhibits a balanced acidity with round tannins and good fruit character. It explodes with creamy hazelnut, chocolate and raspberries flavors. The wine is velvety on the palate with a full body that allows it to carry the alcohol without it being hot in the finish.
    Food Pairing Notes
    As a classy bird, the Humboldt Reserve is a good match for a juicy sirloin steak or seasoned salmon hot off the grill.
    “Good Buy” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, November 2005
    Tasting Notes - PDF

    Posted by thewinery on December 2nd, 2007 at 10:57pm | report comment

    Going to be tasting this wine soon, and I'm pretty excited.

    Posted by jason on June 3rd, 2008 at 11:52am | report comment

    This wine was brilliant. Incredibly tasty. I thought it was slightly better than the pure Cab that we also tasted from PengWine... must mean that the wine maker knew what he or she was doing.

    Check it out.

    Posted by jason on August 23rd, 2008 at 3:48pm | report comment

    PengWine says:

    The Humboldt is the classiest of the penguin species with their elegant demeanor and gait. Like the bird, our PengWine Humboldt is a sophisticated and complex wine with a gorgeous purple hue and layer upon layer of rich aromas, including baked apples, toasted hazelnuts, cherries and subtle violets. To create this delicate, yet powerful, flavor profile, five varieties of wine were combined to contribute to the final blend; Cabernet Sauvignon, for body, Merlot, for silkiness, Cabernet Franc, for maturity, Malbec for earthiness and color, and Petit Verdot for overall structure. The end result is a creamy, velvety wine that can be enjoyed today, but will improve and develop for the next five years. Humboldt's elegance and richness are well paired with a juicy sirloin or beautiful piece of grilled portabella. Humboldt is an exclusive, first-class vintage that brings elegance and refinement to any meal or gathering. This wine is amazing now and will cellar gracefully for a few more years.

    Posted by tymptme2 on February 14th, 2009 at 11:53pm | report comment

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