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Zinfandel is a versatile red skinned grape that gained U.S. popularity in the 70s and 80s. White Zinfandel is a slightly sweet pink wine made from the red grape. The skins are removed after the grapes are crushed, creating a wine with a pink or rose tint. Zinfandel is a red rich dark color with high alcohol content and mid to high tannin levels. As a red wine, Zinfandel can be light and fruit, or as lively and complex as cabernet or in a high alcohol content similar to port. The best red Zinfandels have fruit aromas and flavors. Zinfandel can be used to make White Zinfandel, light to full bodied reds, port wines, sweet late harvest dessert wines. Zinfandel is an American specialty on the west coast from California to Washington states. It contains hints of raspberry and blackberry, cherry, plums, raisins, sugar, spice, black pepper, and oak.



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