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Sake is an alcoholic rice wine originating in Japan. It can be served warn or chilled, but a cool to chilled temperature tends to bring out the best flavor in Sake. It typically has a clear light amber or gold color with an alcohol content of 15-17%. Sake is mean to be consumed soon after its purchase. If kept in a cold and dark place, Sake will keep for six months to one year. The five main varieties of Sake are classified according to whether or not alcohol has been added after the initial rice fermentation as well as how much rice is milled prior to Sake brewing. The five major varieties are Junmai, Honjozo-shu, Ginjo-shu, Daiginjo-shu, and Namazuke. The light to mild flavor of Sake complements traditional Asian dishes and can also be used in place of white wine with dishes such as fish and light dishes. Additionally Sake is easier on the stomach than most alcohols.



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