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Location: Clovis

About Me: More than 30 years ago, at the ripe old age of 16, I started my career as a carpet installer’s helper. The men I worked with were very tough guys; they could carry huge amounts of carpet on their backs as well as kick it in in no time flat. They had decades of experience installing many different kinds of flooring. They were so powerful, the whole house would shake every time they’d kick the carpet in with their knees.

Back then, my legs, knees and back weren’t nearly as powerful. My skinny body couldn’t carry the carpet the way they could and I couldn’t kick the carpet in tight enough. Because of my inability to keep up with the rest of the crew, my boss made me take care of the little stuff, including fixing all the mistakes left behind by the (real) men.

Eventually, I did grow up and became much stronger. By that time, I had gained a reputation in the area as being the go-to guy for carpet repairs.

Today, more than three decades later, I own a Clovis Carpet Repair business and I can fix virtually any type of carpet problem. Many times I can even fix carpeting that others consider to be completely ruined.

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