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About Me: Law student, singer, songwriter and all around food-hedonist. First got into analytical tasting with artisanal dark chocolates, then went coffee-crazy, and now, slowly, as budget permits, beginning to dabble in wine, bourbon, and scotch. Oh, and cheese. Did I mention cheese?

Frankly I'll train my palate on anything you got that's good. Bonus points if it gets me wired, euphoric, or tipsy. :o)

My wife and I do periodic tasting trips down into Virginia wine country, so that is what really got me into wine-tasting.

If you're heading down into VA anytime soon, some quick, inexpensive recommendations:

Red-wine drinkers, do you like bread and butter and cherry jam in a dry base with ample body? head straight for Tarara Winery and try the Cab Franc and Merlot, esp the '06 Merlot if there's any left. these aromatic notes are unmistakable and delicious, and complement the other flavors present.

White table wine fans like my wife - Visit Breaux Vineyards, in Purcellville. Sweet Evangeline is loved by all our casual light/sweet wine drinking friends and family members.

And finally, for an sweet Rose that is really remarkable in complexity and flavor development, try the 2007 Lost Creek. I think this is one for connossieurs and newbies alike. I tend to like the more adventurous wines, where my wife goes for the sweeter table wines, and this one had both of us going "Wow!" It definitely has the potential to win some immigrants from the safety of White Zinland.

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