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Search Tips
  • General Wine Search
    The WineLog search lets you search by all types of wine information simultaneously, including wine type, variety, region, name, year and tag. If your search is returning too many results, try entering more information in the search bar. For example, if you are looking for a highly rated Spanish Tempranillo Red wine produced in 2004, enter the following query in the search bar Spain Tempranillo Red 2004.
  • Tags Search
    Searching by wine tag (and adding tags to wines) a great way to find food pairings, tasting notes, and to find groups of wines all groups to a specific tasting event or found in the same magazine. Search for words like chicken or fruity to find wines that people have tagged this way. Or, search for wines tagged in groups like BarCampNYC or Business Week.
  • Searching Within a Wine Log
    If you are viewing a wine log, whether it is your own log or another users' log, use the drop down box in the search bar to search within "This Log". This will help you locate specific wines within the current log. An example that puts this feature to good use is that if you are told that you and another user share common preferences for Cabernet or Pinot Grigio, you can go to the users' wine log and search specifically for these wines within their log.
  • Searching Within your Friends' Logs
    To limit your search to only your friends' logs, use the drop down box in the search bar and select the "Friends" option.
  • Filtering the Results
    After your do a search, you can also filter the results by the wine's name or the rating. This is a great way to see the highest rated wines within your search results. Use the pagination system to browse through the wines.
  • Canít Find your Wine?
    If you search for a wine and cannot locate it, add it to our growing database. Refer to our formatting guidelines for help adding wines.

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