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Formatting Guidelines

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  • Some wines have unique names while others may fall under a brand or collection developed by a specific winery.
  • When you are entering a wine with a unique name, enter it just as it appears on the bottle. Examples of wines with unique names include ‘7 Deadly Zins’ by Phillips Winery and ‘Alamos’ by Catena Vineyards.
  • When you are entering a wine with a brand or collection name, enter the brand or collection name followed by the variety in the name field. Examples of wines like this include “Cypress Merlot” by J. Lohr Winery or “Stone Cellars Merlot” by Beringer.
  • If the wine you are entering does not have a unique name or does not fall into a brand developed by a specific winery, please enter the winery name followed by the variety. An example of this is “Yellow Tail Merlot” or “Mano a Mano Tempranillo”.
  • Please do not enter the year or the region in the name field.


  • Please enter the winery as it appears on the bottle. Please be sure to enter the winery name, rather than the importer or distributor.
  • You may use special characters, such as accented letters, if you have the ability to do so. If you cannot locate the special character, just use the letter without the accent. An example of this is “Rose” or “Rosé.” Both are acceptable ways to enter this wine into the database.


  • For this field, please enter the most specific or narrowest region you have for the wine, such as the area name or city name. If you do not have this specific information, enter the best region you can, such as the state or country name. An example of this is “Yakima Valley”, a wine producing area in the state of Washington in the United States, or “Australia”, a country.


  • The type field is a drop down menu with five options: Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine, Dessert Wine, Blush Wine. Please choose the type that best categorizes the wine.


  • The variety field is for entering the grapes used in producing the wine. Please enter the variety name in this field. Examples include Zinfandel, Merlot, or Chardonnay.
  • When you are entering a blended wine, please enter the top three grape varietals used in the blend, ordered from most prevalent to least prevalent. If you have the numerical percent composition available, you may enter the information using the following example as a guide for the format: Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 21%, Cabernet Franc 19%.


  • Enter the year that the wine was bottled.
  • If no year is listed, or if the wine you are entering has no vintage (N/V), please leave the year field blank.


  • Enter the price paid for the bottle of wine. If you purchased the wine at a discount or bulk rate, please enter the non-sale price or the unit price a person would pay if they purchased one bottle.


  • If you have any factual data about the Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast ratings, please enter the number of points the wine scored in this field.

Bottle Size

  • Enter the bottle size (in milliliters).

When to Drink & Drink By

  • If you have information on the timeframe in which this wine should be consumed, enter the year in the 'When to Drink' and 'Drink By' fields.

Bottle UPC

  • Enter the UPC code found on the bottle label.


  • When entering multiple tags, divide each tag by a space.
  • If you have a string of words to enter, such as “Light Body,” or “Tropical Fruit,” please connect the words by an underscore, _ , such as Light_body or Tropical_fruit.
  • Tagging wines is also a great way to add tasting notes or tag a group of wines for a private party or tasting event. Sample tags include “Kim_Tasting_Event_25May06” or “Fruity”.
  • Another great use of tagging is to include food parings for a selected wine. You may wish to tag a red wine as “Beef,” or a white wine as “Beach_Picnic.

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