Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie – Domaine de la Bretesche

June 16, 2012

On my way to develop my tasting skills, today I decided to compare two wines from the same producer and grape, but different vintages, something that I rarely had the chance to do in the past. The wine is the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie by Domaine de la Bretesche 2006 and 2007. I […]

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Japanese wine: the problems

May 28, 2012

After spending the last 4 months in New Zealand I came back to Japan, where I live from 2008, so I thought that it could be interesting writing something about Japanese wine. This is a largely unknown topic, the World Atlas of Wine skips Japan and informations are scarce, reflecting the low interest japanese and […]

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A trip to Marlborough wineries

May 8, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I arrived in Blenheim, only to be informed that it’s still too early for pruning… With a lot of free time, I decided to do the most natural things you can do in Marlborough: visiting wineries! Marlborough is famous to be the centre of New Zealand wine production, but although […]

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WSET Advanced Exam and Blenheim

April 22, 2012

On Friday I had the WSET exam for the advanced level (or Level 3 award as they call it now). It was easier than I thought: in the last three months we have probably tasted well over one hundred wines so the tasting exam was ok, but the multiple choice quiz was accessible and the […]

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Book review: The Widow Clicquot

April 6, 2012

Title: The Widow Clicquot. The story of a Champagne empire and the woman who ruled it Author: Tilar J. Mazzeo Publisher: Harper Collins Date of pubblication: October 28, 2008 Together with Dom Perignon and Claude Möet, Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin, widow Clicquot, was probably the most important figure of Champagne history and without any doubt its most […]

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Davenport Food Wine & Music Festival: disappointing

February 21, 2012

Last Sunday I went with a friend to the Davenport Food Wine & Music Festival. We were looking forward tasting good wines and having some chats with the wineries staff. In total there were 23 wineries involved in the event and I didn’t want to miss it. Besides, this was the perfect chance to have […]

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Awesome french wine tasting and some thoughts on France – Italy rivalry

February 15, 2012

Today I went with the class to Maison Vauron, a shop in Mc Coll Street run by a French and specialized in French Wine. It is a very fine place, on two floors: on the ground there is a little bakery which sells various French food and on the first we find a large well […]

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New Zealand wineries research

February 13, 2012

On Friday I had a tasting test about white wines, while tomorrow there will be a written exam and a second testing test. Passing them will mean gaining the first certification of the course, the New Zealand School of food and wine Certificate in Wine. For today we had to write a short presentation of […]

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Que Syrah sera

February 7, 2012

At school we had an introduction on winemaking. I know the subject, but I always can use a revision. Two facts surprised me: the first is that chaptalization is widely used in New Zealand. “Chaptalization” comes from the name of the french chemist Jean-Antoine-Claude Chaptal who invented the process and consists in adding sugar to […]

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Waitangi weekend

February 6, 2012

Today is Waitangi Day and the first long weekend off the School of food and wine has finally come to an end. I concentrated on studying the New Zealand wine regions, their main varieties and climates. Compared to what we have in Italy there is not much to remember: I like New Zealand wine, I […]

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