Vino Divertimento by Gia Coppola

May 22, 2014 at 4:19 pm

People drink wine for many reasons. Some are sentimental, such as a wedding or anniversary or serious, like a wine class; while others are just for fun, maybe happy hour with co-workers, a beach bar on vacay or a night out clubbing. This last group is where Gia by Gia Coppola is a perfect match.
Everything about these wines exudes fun. They have spectacular packaging (the bottle design would feel right at home at a perfume counter) while the flavors are clean, fresh, & unpretentious.
Gia Coppola is a third generation winemaker/filmmaker, continuing her grandfather Francis Ford Coppola, & aunt Sofia Coppola’s passion for all things artistic. In collaboration with fellow Coppola winery winemaker & astronomer Francois Cordesse, these two created three wines that are low in alcohol (11.5%), have no oak, a hint of sweetness & are meant to be served chilled.

Gia Pinot Grigio NV $14 Lightest straw color, side rim bubbles hint to its freshness. Lemon, apricot, papaya waft into your nose while a vanilla like creaminess & mouthwatering acidity round out the finish, Fun at any time of day, more so as the temperature rises.
Gia Frizzante NV $14 100% Chardonnay & made in the Frizzante or slightly sparkling wine style. It has a waif blond color with tiny bubbles streaming thru the wine glass, while a burst of apple & citrus greet you. Tingly on the mouth, a tickle of fresh apple tart leads you to an easy soft finish. Grab a glass & head to the dance floor or toast your friends engagement.
Gia Pinot Noir NV $14 Jolly Rancher red hue, fresh as can be bubbles lead you to believe the wine was made in front of you 🙂 Aroma of hard candy, with the bright cherry vying for position. Lots of flavors pop in your mouth. Strawberry, vanilla, raspberry and a surprising hint of earthiness & baked bread make this a perfect introduction red for a white wine drinker. Take a bottle to the beach or a rooftop deck.
In addition to Gia wines, Gia Coppola is directing Palo Alto, starring James Franco. A slightly edgy film based on a collection of coming of age stories written & produced by Franco with the screenplay by Coppola. Promotions of both the line of wines & the movie are debuting simultaneously.

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