who really reads your wine blog?

March 18, 2013 at 1:46 pm

This came to me in the form of a survey. We are barraged by them. This particular Data forage was via the Wine Bloggers Conference. Me thinks they want to please every attendee this June. A tall task indeed. I hope bloggers answer honestly. Questions like… How many unique visitors do you get to your blog per month? or which Social Media platform generates the most traffic? Honesty can get you into trouble, or is that tact? I maybe wading into the china shop. Hold on tight…

Unless a winery or sponsor pays my faire I won’t be there. Not that it doesn’t seem a lovely place to visit. I may have the time, but the ROI looks limited. So here’s my only chance beyond the yes, no or multiple choice .

The Other Questions or Feedback Box:

I feel that wine blogging as a whole is less important than it used to be. Many factors are responsible. Less time available to create engaging posts. Nearly all bloggers do it part time. Between real jobs, family and other responsibilities, who has time to blog? Wine blogging has become very insular. Diversity of thought trickles down to the hallowed few. Once wine bloggers “make it” they move on to richer pasture. They forget their roots. I will let you fill in the blank who I’m talking about. I don’t even need to mention the mantra of the only people that read wine blogs are…, do I? Wine bloggers take themselves far to seriously. The wine industry is fickle. Lack of transparency and to much ego get in the way. I call it the Look At Me Syndrome. Beer Bloggers have way more fun without all the pomp and circumstance.

Are we Wine writers, bloggers or communicators? Who cares! We are all self-important publishers and if nobody comments, what’s the point? I’ve noticed less comments lately. This means people either don’t read your blog, don’t care or agree to much. Infographics and funny pictures are way more popular. Either wine blogging will have to change or I might have to start a Heimoff-like rant regularly to get attention? Don’t worry, I won’t have low self esteem if nobody Retweets, Like’s, Plus’s or comments. Just saying…

Based in Napa since 2005. January 2013 I started a Digital Marketing/Social Engagement company "D' Vine Social Media" for the wine & food industry. Formerly I worked for Hahn Family Wines in Social Media & Marketing for 2 years. I am a graduate from Napa Valley College Wine Program with a degree in Enology winemaking 2010. I'm a partner in a boutique wine venture, Lady Godiva Wine. First wine coming this late spring 2013. I am also a Level 1 Sommelier and consultant for food and wine and hospitality I Spent many years in Printing and Graphics and the last 15 in producing wine labels for many of the top wine producers in California. Somehow I find time to blog about food, wine and spirits and my experiences along the way. Be sure to follow me on twitter @spiritandwine

5 Responses to “who really reads your wine blog?”

  1. I don’t take myself seriously. I do it for personal satisfaction, on my own terms, and when I feel inspired or motivated. I think there are many bloggers like me that do it just for fun, without pomp and circumstance. I read blogs and rarely comment or like, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like or read them.

  2. Jason Phelps says:


    That nail was just waiting for you to hammer it home. My hits keep going up but my engagement (comments) continued to dip and without engagement I see no reason to the virtual share. That said, I enjoy the relationships I have created in this game and sharing events, wines, dinners, etc with those folks in the real world is really the best part. If I don’t write about the things I do I don’t feel like I am losing anything. I used to.


    • You are doing it right Jason. Keep up the good work. Consistency is the key. I’ve been guilty of lapses when life happens you choose your priorities. Blogging is a very PT passion. I think people that blog regularly have more free time, perhaps less responsibilities or different priorities

  3. I honestly think that most likely other bloggers are reading my blog and vice versa. I don’t write for anyone else but me though. I am also one that is more sporadic in my posts as life does carry with it a heavy schedule that doesn’t permit near enough time to write despite the desire to do so…..but it is all about balance and priorities. My family is always first and foremost. Perhaps if I had more time, I would also be more cognicent of who is actually reading my blog outside of other bloggers 🙂

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