Winebloggers or Wine Writers?

August 18, 2012 at 12:49 pm

The First breakout session is bringing up some divisions in the ranks. Bloggers, Writers or Communicators.
Tom Wark is the moderator and posing the questions. Do we follow Europe and change our name to “Wine Communicators Conference”?
do we need more rules? Is there too much amateur hour when we travel in groups and ask “Stupid” questions does that bring us less respect amongst wineries and winemakers?

Even “wine writers” aren’t as knowledgable as we think they are. Do we have the knowledge to be taken seriously?

Cyril from Wine Business Monthly commenting now on what blogs get featured on the site daily. “Content is the deciding factor along with interest level”.

Tom Wark’s opinion of a “blogger” is promoting the publication, advertiser, responsibility. Perhaps we are all “Wine Publisher’s”.

Bethany Scherlini, wine publicist believes the Reader has a responsibility as well. Another gal in Travel PR believes things are changing rapidly and where will we be in 5 or 10 years.

Jason Mancebo believes there should be a certification for wine writing or blogging to have some authentic credibility.

Joel Vincent, thinks that the term blog may need to change with video and Podcasts and other new media changing the format, but it’s still a blog of a sort. Content creators should be the winners in this. I (Mark Buckley) made the comment to Tom about content lacking on many blogs. Make it interesting or nobody will read it. Use good English to engage the reader. Give me your storY, echoing Randall Graham’s thoughts from yesterday’s keynote for #WBC12.

Mark Buckley – wine writer and social media manager for Hahn Family Wines

Based in Napa since 2005. January 2013 I started a Digital Marketing/Social Engagement company "D' Vine Social Media" for the wine & food industry. Formerly I worked for Hahn Family Wines in Social Media & Marketing for 2 years. I am a graduate from Napa Valley College Wine Program with a degree in Enology winemaking 2010. I'm a partner in a boutique wine venture, Lady Godiva Wine. First wine coming this late spring 2013. I am also a Level 1 Sommelier and consultant for food and wine and hospitality I Spent many years in Printing and Graphics and the last 15 in producing wine labels for many of the top wine producers in California. Somehow I find time to blog about food, wine and spirits and my experiences along the way. Be sure to follow me on twitter @spiritandwine

3 Responses to “Winebloggers or Wine Writers?”

  1. Sorry to be missing this, but greatly appreciate the updates and summary. I think it is key to remember that all consumers of wine are at a different level in terms of wine knowledge and experience. Therefore, being a communicator and advocate of wine, which is to say, bringing the product to the forefront of consumers minds is one of my main objectives. Every time that I mention a pairing, share a label shot on instagram, or send a tweet mentioning a wine that I have had, it is with the goal that someone – even one person – sees it and says, hey I have been wanting to try that wine.

    Jodi @tampawinewoman

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