We all enjoy trying new wines, but I often find myself sticking to the same brand of Chardonnay or Merlot. In creating WineLog, we plan to offer people a way to both keep track of wines that they have tried but also receive smart, customized recommendations for new wines to try.

Right now, wine choices are based on magazine reviews and ratings, which can be hit or miss.  WineLog will allow you to take your wine preferences and compare them with others’ preferences. For example, if you and another WineLog user both highly rated one brand of chardonnay, then it is likely that you would enjoy other chardonnays highly rated by that user.  WineLog will give you these personalized recommendations.

WineLog will not only provide specific recommendations.  It will also help you to determine the qualities in wines that you most enjoy.  Maybe you love full bodied or peppery reds, or maybe you love dry or fruity whites.  Maybe you have no idea what it is you like about a specific brand of wine, you just like it.  WineLog algorithims will also determine the basic qualities you favor (or dislike) in a wine based on your personal wine ratings.  Once you know what it is that you love about a specific brand of wine, you will know how to look for other brands of wine or even a blended wine that shares those same characteristics.

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