WineLog WordPress Plugin

June 30, 2010 at 11:26 pm

Finally launching an official WordPress plugin for WordPress. We’re launching with two main features:

1. The ability to add “wine badges” to your posts and pages via a shortcode. Similar to this post. Here’s how you would do it: {winebadge id=”54195″} (use square brackets instead of braces)
2. The ability to embed “wine lists” to your posts and pages via a shortcode. So if you tag all of the wines at your event “myevent”, you can quickly post those wines into a blog post by using the short code {winelist query=”myevent” num=”10″} (use square brackets instead of braces).

Here are the wines from my fake event:

Users with a WineLog blog will have access to these features now. I am currently uploading the plugin to the WP plugins directory and will udpate this post with a link when that is available. Update: The plugin is in the WordPress plugin directory now.

Here are some other things I have planned. Let me know what you think about these and/or other features that would be useful for your wine blogging.

3. Popover form to embed wine badges and wine lists from the edit post/page without using a shortcode.
4. Option to create digest emails from your wine log feed once a day/week/month.

Jason Coleman is Co-founder of and Lead Developer for Check out his wine log, read more of his blog posts, or contact him here.

One Response to “WineLog WordPress Plugin”

  1. Wow, Jason this is awesome! I’m totally loving the Wine List Plugin. I’m going to start using it immediately.

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