Overheard on Cork’d Content Blogs

April 28, 2010

So Corkd.com has had a “content”/blog section for a while. I just noticed today though that their homepage is redirecting to the content section. They must be really trying to push this. There old homepage is still available under the “wines” tab at http://corkd.com/user/welcome. Here are a few interesting posts I saw while browsing over […]

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Wineries that don’t “own it” are dumb

April 28, 2010

ownit-logoI tried to come up with a nicer way to say that, but I don’t want to waste time sugar coating things. I ┬ámean it: Wineries that don’t “own it” are dumb.

I’m talking of course about Cruvee’s campaign to get wineries and wine producers to use the tools at www.yourwineyourway.com to manage their wines’ data online. Paul Mabray of VinTank explains it pretty well. Video after the break. My thoughts as a developer using the Cruvee/OwnIT API after that.

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A Couple Philly Wine Events I’ll Be At This Month

April 22, 2010

A Dinner With Jonathon Newman and Jerffrey Cohen at Downtown Philly’s Mortan’s on May 4th (with Bill) Join Morton’s and special guests Jonathan Newman, Wine Enthusiast Man of the Year and recipient of the Guild of Sommeliers Distinguished Service Award and Jeffrey A. Cohen, Philadelphia author, for an evening of our signature cuisine paired with […]

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My Favorite GrapeStories.com Features

April 21, 2010

grape_stories_logoGrapeStories.com, the updated UI for Cellar Tracker, launched in beta back in February. It’s a very slick site. Like, WineLog, you can track, rate, and comment about the wine you are drinking.

Grape Stories benefits from Cellar Tracker’s massive membership and wine database, but they also do some innovative things with their user interface. Here are my 5 favorite features.

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Around the Winosphere

April 20, 2010

Via Pete Wells at Diner’s Journal, Mo Rocca and other “edgier” folks to get shows on a Food Network spinoff. It’s called the Cooking Channel. Catavino asks what impact will the Iceland volcano eruption have on European vineyards. Dr. Vino calms us down with an info-graphic for determining the threat level of the HR 5034 […]

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Stop H.R. 5034 Says Tom Wark

April 19, 2010

It seems there is an actual bill on the floor (H.R. 5034) with regards to wine shipments. According to Tom Wark, it’s not one that consumers or wineries should back. From Tom Wark’s Fermentation (The Daily Wine Blog): What You Must Know About the Bill To End Wine Shipping H.R. 5034, a bill that will […]

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About Our Sponsor: Pairings.com

April 13, 2010

The domain sounds like it could be used for a dating site, but Pairings.com focuses around a different kind of marriage: good food, good wine, and good music.

There is some really great music, video, and interviews on the site, with full performances by Dave Matthews and John Legend as well as some great background music by those two during the other videos.

In the food realm, Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame provides interesting chatter, and John Besh (who I’m not familiar with, but is referenced as the owner of about a half dozen restaurants) talks over some great, drool-inducing, photographs. Food porn galore.

Representing Constellation Brands and the “Wine” third of things is Genevieve Jansses from Mondavi Winery and Susan Lueker of Simi Winery.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, take a look at the website at pairings.com. Or go directly the view more information on their events in Napa and New York.

Read on here to see my own dream team line up for an imaginary Philadelphia Pairings event.

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Cahors Wines on WineLog

April 5, 2010

So I still haven’t gotten my hands on some Cahors to try. I’m going to press some contacts for freebies (not as easy to get free wine as you might think – at least for this fledgling wine site owner), and I’m going to double check the local stores. In the meantime, here are few […]

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