Use Vacuum Pumps To Save Leftover Wine

September 27, 2007 at 9:09 am

Wine Pumps RockPeople often email WineLog, confusing us as a winery’s website. So we get to share in all the praise and criticism directed at you poor winery folks. Here’s an interesting one we received about a synthetic cork that is difficult to re-insert:

“I enjoyed your Shiraz Merlot. However, I did not finish the bottle of wine. It is impossible to reuse the stopper you used for this bottle. It is some kind of plastic that defies going back into the bottle. Not everyone consumes the entire bottle each time it is opened. I am afraid I will have to make it a point not to purchase any of your wine in the future.”

Ouch. First, if the wine is good, don’t stop buying it just because of the cork (I’m actually fond of synthetic corks). This problem has been solved by third parties, and it’s called the “Wine Vacuum Pump”.

Don’t use the original cork to seal the wine (you may need it for something). Just pop one of the stoppers that comes with the pump in your bottle and use the pump to remove any access air, which can help your wine last another few days in the fridge. We use our wine pump all the time. And the wine is sometimes even better the next day, much like a good casserole or stew.

Below are a couple options I found at Amazon which are very affordable.

Advanced users will also want to keep an old 375ml bottle around. Pour the old wine into the smaller bottle and re-cork that. The vacuums aren’t perfect. Since the smaller bottle will have less empty space inside, there will be less oxidizers and other chemistry junk to ruin your wine. It works!

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2 Responses to “Use Vacuum Pumps To Save Leftover Wine”

  1. Mr.Chips says:

    i have been using Vacuum pumps for many years, and it is the best way to preserve a bottle… I also used those sprays… and they do not work … It is absolutely a must to invest on a vacuum pump !

  2. Gordon says:

    I’ve used vacuum pumps for many years as well. And they are indeed the best way to preserve a bottle. Special note: they will keep the bottle somewhat fresh for longer than if it was just left open (or re-corked), but it’s still best to finish off the bottle as soon as possible.

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