#Napa: Here comes the rain again (finally)

February 26, 2014

Jerry Brown, Governor of CA, declares a drought - Governor of the State of CAWhile not everyone pays attention to the crazy going-on’s on the Left Coast in California, you might have heard about the quickly accelerating and unprecedented drought that is beginning to devastate its traditional agricultural backbone.  Contained within that agricultural spine are vineyards and winegrowing, of course.  It is here that we get to the crux of why I felt it was so important to share the weather going-ons here in the NorCal: the weather, this third winter in a row, is beginning to severely impact our precious wine grape vineyards here in wine country.

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Vino infographics for all

June 6, 2013

So, uh, what the hell are infographics? Wikipedia defines them quite nicely as “graphic visual representations of informationdata or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.”  While they’ve proliferated a ton in recent years and in very creative directions due to cool new online and offline tools, as well as very graphic-oriented news and sportscasts, we’ve actually been using them for many years.  If you’ve ever looked a transit map, you’ve used an infographic.

Recently, there has been an explosion of very useful and very informative wine-related infographics. Leading the charge has been the super-fun wine folks at Wine Folly (Tw, FB, g+), led by fearless leader Madeline Puckette.  They’ve put together a number of fantastic ones, that they also sell as posters, and rightfully so: knowledge can definitely be art.  Another one that really popped out to me was directed my way by my buddy Steve; which nicely combines my science side (meta-analysis) with my wine side (flavors of white wine varietals).

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Le Wine Buffs Take Manhattan

March 28, 2011

Le Wine Buff - Enjoy BordeauxEnjoy Bordeaux‘s Le Wine Buffs are back and we’re thirsty.

This time we’re taking on New York City and Manhattan is gonna stumble down in a vinous frenzy of affordable Bordeaux wine! We’re the wine sponsor for this year’s TechEnology wine event held by Enjoy Bordeaux partner Snooth and tech media publishing titan Ziff Davis. Held at the newly renovated General Assembly, the event will mix some of the icons of tech, publishing and the wine biz and look to do some serious vino mind melding.

I’m excited to be pouring and talking about these wines at the event because I think Bordeaux is coming into another renaissance of exposure for it’s thousands of high quality, affordable wines and their Chateaux, all across the greater appellation. Much of this belief was built during our visit to Bordeaux last summer. This event promises to be “a private, networking event recognizing the wine world’s most technologically forward people, business and practices”…and these are the peeps that need to know Bordeaux!

See you on the Right Coast vinopanions, and cheers!

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VinTank Deals Wines from the Vines

December 23, 2010

Deals from the Vines - Facebook Group - VinTankCrazy-smart wine biz innovators VinTank (Twitter), have successfully launched a new route on the Direct To Consumer (DTC) superhighway with their Deals from the Vines Facebook Group (DFTV). A relatively new feature on Facebook, closed Groups are an elegant yet simply powerful new component of the social media behemoth. VinTank has seized upon this new feature to form their version of the popular flash sales site phenomena that has taken over the interwebs during this Great Recession. While many of these sites have proven to be quite the boon to the budget-conscious wine consumer, they are not always so profit-friendly to the wineries, chateaux, Bodegas and Quintas that have participated in the various sales. VinTank’s DFTV has already effectively smacked that paradigm with vigor, creating a sweet win-win for wino’s and wineries, alike.

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Brixr + TinyBottles + Me = Tasting Video Fun!

February 28, 2010

BrixrWhat is the single biggest problem about wine clubs for both the wine producer/wine store and the consumer who receives the wine? The wine itself! The wine producer or wine store owner usually has to send out new wine releases blind to their wine club members and the members just have to hope that they like the wine that they receive, even though it might be very unfamiliar to them as an average wine club member. What does all of this mean? A lot of wine bottles that are sent out are not the style of wine that a member enjoys. This results in frustration, wasted money and sometimes even the cancellation of their membership. Now there is a solution, one that actually solves the REAL problem that plagues wine clubs…and it’s called Brixr!

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Wine For Haiti: Brother Can You Spare a Bottle?

January 24, 2010

Wine For Haiti - Brother Can You Spare a Bottle?By now, all of us around the world are very aware of the devastation that continues to unfold in the nation of Haiti from the earthquake of January 12, 2010. The resulting aftermath and aftershocks have continued to pummel the small island nation and it requires every increasing levels of aid and resources. It is with these very concerns that have prompted the creation of an unprecedented, global online charity wine auction to directly support the recovery efforts in Haiti.

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Palate Press Article: 2009 NorCal Harvest Report

December 23, 2009

Palate Press - The Online Wine MagazineThis past week saw another article of mine published at Palate Press: The Online Wine Magazine. I first mentioned Palate Press when it had its very successful launch earlier this year, as well as when my first article debuted, a comparison of crystal stemware. My second article is now posted, a wide-ranging review of the 2009 harvest across many of the appellations in Northern California.

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Grape Pirate Booty or How I’ve Infiltrated Mutineer Magazine

August 14, 2009

If you haven’t yet run into Mutineer Magazine (Twitter)…now is the time! MM is the best new drinks culture magazine to come out in decades, if my opinion matters for anything. While they aren’t exactly new, celebrating their one year anniversary with this issue #7, they have already had a quite an impact on the beverage industry during their explosive growth. No drink is left unmolested, with features in virtually every issue on wine, beer, spirits and non-alchos.

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5 Questions with Lisa Rigisich of Pinot Days SF

June 17, 2009

Pinot Days San Francisc0 2009Another exciting wine festival is coming to Fort Mason this month and I’m very excited to have to have the opportunity to get the inside scoop from the festival Director. Pinot Days San Francisco crushes SF with five days of great, varietally-correct Pinot Noir festivities, starting on June 24th. Lisa Rigisich, together with husband Steve and partners Eric and Teri White are bringing over 200 Pinot Noir producer and vendors of the delicate grape to Fort Mason in San Francisco on Sunday June 28th for the finale Grand Festival Public Tasting, where I will be delighted with the outstanding array of tasty Pinot available to taste!

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Be Goode, but Vote Dirty!

May 16, 2009

A Really Goode Job - Murphy-GoodeMaking perhaps, one of the biggest viral marketing coups in the nascent wine social mediasphere, Murphy-Goode Winery in Healdsburg has blown up the interwebs with its A Really Goode Job search and marketing campaign. The basics are these:

– Live on the property in northern Sonoma Valley in Healdsburg in a private home.

– Work by using all means of social media to promote Murphy-Goode and its wine and the whole of Sonoma County with the provided camera video camera, handheld device and/or smartphone. You’ll “need” to taste hundreds of wines for free and eat all over the Valley, as well…shucks.

– Get paid 10K/month for a 6 month contract.

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