#Wine Gadget Quick Review: CapaBunga

October 15, 2013

Sometimes simpler is better. Occam’s Razor, An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything, simple syrup: all things designed around the concept of simplicity, and are proven examples that complexity is not always better.  This brings us to the issue of wine bottle closures, specifically, capping an unfinished bottle for the night.  What’s the best temporary fastener? It is here that the simplicity of CapaBunga (FB, Tw, P) comes into the fore, in that “why didn’t I think of that??” type of manner.

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Air Cork Pumps Up the Holidays

December 4, 2012

Wine gadgets are the perennial gift for the wine lover that we all know in our lives.  Let’s be pretty honest with ourselves, however: most wine gadgets are crap.  They are the easy gift to give to someone, but the vast majority of wine wingdings out there just do not work, or are just too darn tricky to work to really matter.  The preceding reasons are why I usually have an internal sigh when I open a package and see a new wine thingamajig inside.  A perfect wine gadget needs to easily and quickly, accomplish what it promises to perform.  Lo and behold, a recent sample that came my way from Steinreich Communications actually checks off all three of these boxes.  And thus, I’m happy to recommend it’s services as true contendor for a holiday wine gadget gift.  I present to you, loyal reader, the Air Cork wine preserver (TwitterFacebookYoutube).

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Jet Bag Defeats AA at WBC11

August 3, 2011

I do a lot of traveling for wine. Just the last 6 months has seen me pop up in New York twice and Charlottesville once. Strangely enough, this means that I tend to accumulate a fair amount of wine during my travels (I know, cue the weeping and lamentations). This does tend to present a Conundrum, however. When one needs to fly these days, it tends to be very difficult to hide 750 mL of glass-encased liquid.

OK, but that’s fine, right? I’ll just check my baggage with the bottle of red stashed inside…surrounded by all of my favorite clothes because I just went to NYC for the first time. Hmm…not a recipe for success, especially as I watched the suplex being applied to my suitcase out on the tarmac. Cue: the Jet Bag.

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Guest Post: 4 Must-Have Wine Accessories

August 16, 2010

Wine Accessories

I’m debuting a new series of guest articles on Vinopanion today, starting with this fine wine accessory intro article by Zsa Zsa Bacaling of Grotto Cellars. These free guest posts will provide a bit of a fresh voice every now and then for you devoted readers who, like my family, get tired of hearing me blather on and on about my vino obsession. This first article by Zsa Zsa delivers some great advice for the newbie wine fanatic, something that I have somewhat neglected over the ~3 years of my Vinopanion writings. Cheers!

Let the right accessories add to your wine appreciation experience

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Hello Vino & @drXeNo!

May 25, 2010

Hello Vino iPhone AppFollowing a dizzying string of new partnerships between WineLog, myself and other fine and fun wine partners, we are now part of a very cool and useful iPhone app that has been newly relaunched. Hello Vino takes the hard part out of picking a wine while on the go to whole ‘nother level. Choose a pairing based on the food on the menu in front of you, choose the food for the glass you just ordered at the wine bar or just search for a distinct wine style or producer…all taken care of very quickly. It’s also all dialed in to your favorite social networks (their on Twitter themselves) so that you can brag to educate all of your friends about your synergistic food and wine choice. If you pairing is a match made in digestive heaven, you can even buy the wine straight from your iPhone.

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Wine Aerator Air-Off

May 5, 2010

Wine Aerator Airoff - The contenders!As a certifiable (different from certified, mine requires a psychiatrist!) wine geek, I get a lot of questions about serving and preparing wine so that it can be happily sipped. One of the biggest questions concerns the aeration of wine…how do I like to aerate my wine, whether young or old and what do I like to use to do so? For the most part, I tend to decant my wines, but that isn’t always the easiest thing to do every time I open a new bottle. Sometimes I might only want part of a bottle and then the wine is hard to store once decanted. Or, I might just have more than one bottle open at a time and I’m pouring like crazy because I have some thirsty friends, ready to partake. In that case, I find that a wine aerator tends to do the trick, i.e. a wine gadget that actually works on a per glass basis and usually by being inserted into the bottle. The larger question looms…which one is the best?? This article is here to try and tackle that vinoquery!

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First Palate Press Article: The Eisch-off!

September 25, 2009

Palate Press - The Online Wine Magazine As I mentioned in my last post, the new online wine magazine Palate Press has launched and with it today, my first article hits the virtual presses!

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Palate Press – The Online Wine Magazine

September 11, 2009

Palate Press - The Online Wine MagazineSome of you delicious readers may already know that I have become one of the founding contributing writers to a new wine magazine called Palate Press (Twitter). It’s tagline is “The Online Wine Magazine” and indeed, it is!

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Lionheart Wines @ Artisan Recap

July 20, 2008

Last Thursday’s Lionheart tasting at Artisan was a roaring success, with both tasters and winemakers very satisfied with the evening. Wine was discovered, bottles bought and taste buds were pleased.

Outside Artisan WinesAs I announced previously, Lionheart’s winemaker Leon Glover brought out 5 wines for us to try, all pre-release until his Mane Event Summer Release party later that Saturday at Crushpad. I got there a little before the start of the event and said hello to Leon and Artisan proprietor Lena and caught up with them for a bit before tasting some of the wines there that night. I hadn’t tasted most of the wines since the barrel tasting, and I was excited to try them now from the bottle. I was so busy getting caught up that I forgot to try any of the wines before we got busy! Once that mistake was rectified, I was free to mingle and check out our crowd, with had great diversity in age, style and wine knowledge. Also making the event were Marshall & Brittany, founders of WineQ.com. After raving about Lionheart for so long, I was glad that they could finally check out the wines for themselves.

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