When #wine & #triathlon meet: Rodney Strong Vineyards Vineman Monte Rio Triathlon 2014

June 4, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Over the last 7 years (yes, my blogo-versary was just last month!), I’ve managed to overwhelm everyone I know with my mad passion for vino.  So, it might come as some surprise to casual readers that the last 1.5 years have seen a new passion start to share space alongside my wine fridge: triathlons.  I have mentioned this healthy kick a couple of times here on Vinopanion, but this is the first time that those two passions have collided into a wonderful blend of health, wine, and healthy wine.  I’m very happy to announce that I will be partaking in the 2014 Rodney Strong Vineyards Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon this Sunday, June 8, while proudly sponsored by none other than the kind winemaking folks over at title sponsor, Rodney Strong Vineyards (WLFBTwIGYT)! Vineman (FB, Tw, YT)  has a rich history of triathlons and multisport competitions in the Sonoma County area and this is the second year for this new USAT-sanctioned, olympic distance triathlon.

2013 Olympic Triathlon at Pacific Grove

I first got started in the triathlon gig by my brother in-law, who convinced me to do my first triathlon at Wildflower last year, in honor of our mothers’ battles against cancer.  After that…I was hooked.  The change in my health (dropping 28 lbs, feeling fantastic; if sore, heh).  That, along with the lifestyle changes that the Lady and I had already made, but still including a healthy dose of wine, has made my life so much more enriched with color, experiences, camaraderie, and just happiness…all things that amateur athletes tend to enjoy. But other than drinking my fare share of good wine after a tri, I haven’t yet had the chance to merge my two passions until now.

Rodney Strong Vineyards is a winery whose wines I’m quite familiar.  Even the annals of Vinopanion have seen their share of Rodney Strong coverage.  As a longtime leading winery in Sonoma County, 50 years running (not to mention the USA), it is hard not to have experienced their wide-range of solid to spectacular wines.  Over the last decade+, they have worked very hard to become a fully sustainable winery, recognizing that a holistic approach to wine should mirror one’s holistic and healthy approach to life.  As such, the family and winery team were very excited to merge their views of health, life, and wine to become the title sponsor of the Vineman Monte Rio Triathlon.

#RSVVineman triathlon package

And it is with those same thoughts and ideals that I am proud to be sponsored by and representing them in this race.  Included in my sponsorship package were a mix of wine samples, some of which you can find already reviewed below. The race is inches away from being sold out, capped at 600 racers, but you can still sign up today, as of the publication of this post.

So come out and race, enjoy life and health, or just support those that have trained hard for many months to reach this point in their lives.  Cheers!

Rodney Strong Vineyards (WL, FB, Tw, IG, YT) wine samples included in my sponsorship package:


Rodney Strong Northern Sonoma Charlotte’s Home Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Estate Pinot Noir 2012

Rodney Strong Northern Sonoma Knotty Vines Estate Zinfandel 2012

Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

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