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June 6, 2013 at 5:22 pm

So, uh, what the hell are infographics? Wikipedia defines them quite nicely as “graphic visual representations of informationdata or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.”  While they’ve proliferated a ton in recent years and in very creative directions due to cool new online and offline tools, as well as very graphic-oriented news and sportscasts, we’ve actually been using them for many years.  If you’ve ever looked a transit map, you’ve used an infographic.

Recently, there has been an explosion of very useful and very informative wine-related infographics. Leading the charge has been the super-fun wine folks at Wine Folly (Tw, FB, g+), led by fearless leader Madeline Puckette.  They’ve put together a number of fantastic ones, that they also sell as posters, and rightfully so: knowledge can definitely be art.  Another one that really popped out to me was directed my way by my buddy Steve; which nicely combines my science side (meta-analysis) with my wine side (flavors of white wine varietals).

Sean Seidell (FB) is a graphic designer that specializes in creating infographics that “present the results of scientific research through visual design.” Steve sent me a link to an article on PopSci that covered one of his latest infographics, “20 White Wines in 20 Flavors.”  Seidell collected wine reviews from a number of biggie wine magazines and sites, and then parsed out the flavor descriptors for each of the 20 wine white wine varietals.  Using that data, he then was able to fine out which descriptors were most used for each varietal, and plot that as something of an area plot, pointing to each descriptor on a flavor wheel.  Clever stuff!  It’s really cool enough to buy as a poster, in fact.  Check out a low-res preview of the poster below.  Cheers!

20 White Wines in 20 Flavors - Sean Seidell

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