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Badges Preview

About Badges & How to Play

Show everyone just how much you love wine by competing to win some (or all) of the badges displayed below. The badges will be automatically added to your WineLog once you meet the criteria specified. Playing is easy. Just do what you always do on WineLog: log, rate, and comment on wines. As you do so, you will make progress toward applicable badges. A popup will notify you of your progress or if you've earned a new badge.

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WineLog has created some fun badges to encourage and award your activity as a WineLog user. We offer badges based on number of wines logged, friends, and blogging activity. A few examples are shown to the right.

The first badge you will probably earn (if you haven't already) is the real user badge. Just log or rate 3 wines on the site. Some activities, such as starting a blog, require you to have the real user badge first.

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WineLog has partnered with VinPass to incorporate brand-, region-, and varietal-sponsored badges into the site. Earning these badges will get you bragging rights, but might also get you prizes. A few examples of the VinPass badges are shown to the right.

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What's The Difference Between WineLog Badges and VinPass Badges?

Both the WineLog badges and the VinPass badges should function the same way on the site. In general, the WineLog badges will have to do with general activity on the site. Whereas the VinPass badges will encourage activity around a particular brand, region, or varietal since the VinPass badges are sponsored by brands, regions, and varietal organizations. The VinPass badges will also show up on other wine-related sites and mobile applications that partner with VinPass.

Support and Feedback

Are you missing a badge you should have? Do you have an idea for a new badge? Contact us. This feature is fresh and relatively untested. Issues will come up. We always appreciate your feedback.

What are you waiting for? Check out the full list of badges for ideas on getting started. Or visit your WineLog to see if you have earned any badges recently.

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