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About WineLog
  • WineLog keeps a record of wines that you have tried
    When you venture to try a new type or variety of wine, you are taking the risk that you will either love it or hate it. WineLog provides you with a free way to track your preferences on new wines, including the specific information about the wine, as well as personal and public comments and one to five-star rating. After trying a new wine, simply login and select "Add wine to log." You will fill out a simple form about the wine and then it will be added to your log. With this feature, you can remember which wines you enjoyed and purchase them again, and you can also remember which wines to avoid in the future.
  • WineLog proposes custom wine recommendations
    Most people base their wine decisions on magazine reviews and ratings. The problem with this approach is that general reviews and ratings do not take your wine preferences into account. Using our wine recommendation system, we are able to compare your recorded comments and ratings to those of other WineLog users. If you and another WineLog user both highly rate one brand of chardonnay, then it is likely that you and that user both enjoy similar qualities of chardonnay. Your WineLog displays the other chardonnays highly rated by that user and proposes them as wines you may also enjoy. The more wines you enter into your log, the more specific you wine recommendations will be.

Key Features of WineLog

  • Free, Personal Wine Log
    Use your log to keep a record wines you have tried, wine bottles currently in your wine cellar, and those wines that are on your wish list. You can record tasting notes and a one-to-five-star rating. A new feature is the ability for other users to comment on your Wine Log. This is a great way to recommend a wine to a friend or to dispute tasting notes or other related comments. Plus, your free Wine Log has a unique and permanent website address that you can link to in your email signature or on your personal blog.
  • Comprehensive Wine Database
    We have over 10,000 unique wines in our database. Search for wines you have tried or discover a new wine altogether. Our wine database is searchable by the name, winery, region, type, variety, or user-submitted tag, such as a food pairing, special event name, or key tasting note. If you are unable to locate a wine in our database, you can easily add it through our Add Wine form.
  • Personalized Wine Recommendations
    WineLog suggests wines you may enjoy by analyzing the wines and their respective ratings in your Wine Log. The more wines that you rate in your Wine Log, the more accurate these recommendations will become. We also make predictions on the keywords to look for in new wines you select. If you highly rate wines that are tagged as "Strawberry," then we will propose other wines that include this characteristic and advise you to look for the word "Strawberry" in new wines that you select from your local wine merchant.
  • My WineLog Friends
    Connect with other WineLog users and keep track of what they are logging with our new friends feature. Our recommendation system is constantly working to find others users with similar tastes to you, and now you can easily add these users to your friends list and see what they have tasted and how they have rated new wines. You can also see what wines are on your friends' wish lists and, if you're feeling generous, pick up a bottle of that wine for your friend as an out-of-the-blue gift.
  • Cool Wine Tools
    We have several useful tools, such as "send to phone" where you can have the wine' information sent to your cell phone as a text message. WineLog does not currently charge to have a wine's information sent to your phone, although you will want to check with your wireless carrier for other usage charges that may apply.
  • WineLog Blog
    Stay current on all the latest developments with WineLog and also read interesting articles by our network of WineLog Blog authors. We feature all types of stories, from individual wine reviews, commentary on specific wine producing regions or years, and wine pairings with recipes for everyday occasions.

Our Team

  • Jason Coleman, Founder & Developer
    A true entrepreneur is invigorated by uncertainty, risk and the thrill of new opportunities. Jason exemplifies this definition to a T. In 2004, Jason graduated with a degree in computer science from Haverford College, Haverford, PA. After graduation, Jason began work as an analyst at a leading international consulting firm. In 2006, Jason retired from corporate life to fully devote himself to WineLog and Stranger Studios.
  • Kim Coleman, Founder & Designer
    Kim Coleman graduated from Villanova University, Villanova, PA, in 2006, with a B.S. in Business Administration. While still in college, Kim maintained a lead role in the Stranger Studios team, greatly expanding the company's service line to include other graphic design services, including logo development, e-newsletters, and various printed media. Kim keeps her eyes on the world, always looking for interesting business opportunities in every situation that life presents.
  • Bill Loftus, Advisor
    Bill Loftus is a serial entrepreneur and president of Gestalt. In his role as CEO of WineLog, Bill uses his technology expertise, business savvy and passion for wine to enhance our social networking community's increasingly popular position in the wine space. Loftus is recognized regionally and nationally as a successful technology entrepreneur.

Our Blog Authors and Ambassadors

WineLog Blog features the following authors. Please show you appreciation by visiting their personal blogs or by posting comments on their articles.

  • Ward Ward Kadel - @drXeNo is the founder of Vinopanion wine blog, the West Coast Ambassador & Staff Blogger for and Le Wine Buff for (CIVB). He will try any and all wines and tends to write about the parts of his life that include virtually all of it! He and his wife grew up in Napa and Sonoma and they still live in the Napa Valley. View Ward's WineLog and check out the wines he's recommended with his WKBadges. Follow him on Twitter and Like Vinopanion on Facebook. Contact him: "Ward at". Ward happily accepts samples but does not guarantee a review, positive or negative.

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